Call Scary: Watchman Horror – Momo


Your job is to do your job. Guard scary, guard metro horror. Guard the subway station, night shift. It would seem an ordinary night, no different from the others, but your phone, your sent message… it was for nothing! Decided to test how real is it!? You texted her and she said, now wait for when she comes! Horror call! Momo play, Momo horror, call Momo, Momo correspondence, Momo call. It’s here!

Momo game: New Message Horror game is a scary game in which you have to work until 7 am at the subway station. Horror chat, chat scary. You are waiting for a truly nightmarish, call horror, because someone wrote you a message and decided to play you. Night shift, knows where you are at the moment, she knows what you’re doing and escape from it, you can only escape! Or is it impossible to survive? Guard the trains and survive the morning. Momo is a horror story game. Memo exe.
And remember, it’s important to communicate with her!!! Momo, momo exe, momo game, momo horror, momo scary, momo game, momo horror game.

Subway horror watchman, try to hold out as long as possible, call scary, so it does not scare you. Momo horror, a horror story will tell you a story about a scary woman, night duty, who crawls around the room and kills her victims. Mome horror game, in this game you have to explore the game map and find ways to survive – it’s a whole quest! Momo Survival.

MOMO: Guard Scary Horror game 2019-features:
– Exciting levels
– Realistic HD sound effects
– Creepy 3D atmosphere
– Scary and intense levels
– Optimized graphics
– Work with different tasks.
– Cool phone in your pocket.
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