Escape The Block 2


[Escape The Block 2] is a puzzle game with simple controls. It’s a game in which you move the horizontal or vertical

blocks to create a path for our puppies to pass through

and use blocks to block them from chasing after them, all the while obtaining a lot of coins

and moving the puppy along all the way to the escape.

How to Play

• Horizontal blocks can be moved left / right, vertical blocks can be moved up / down.
• Dogs can be moved up / down / left / right.
• If there is no block between the dinosaur and the dog, the dinosaur will come to attack.
• Earn coins scattered all over the place. (Gold coins: 30, silver coins: 20, coins: 10)
• If you escape successfully, you receive an additional 50% bonus added to the coins that you’ve already earned.
• If you fail your escape, you will at least get the coins that you have earned until that point.

Game Features

• You can operate the game very simply by swiping across the screen with your finger.
• There is no paid content at all.
• It is good for brain development because you will have to think hard to make a way.
• There are various levels of difficulty and a random mode, which means that you can play various levels in an infinite amount.
• The game only takes up 27 megabit, which takes up less space when downloading.


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• ‘Escape The Block 2’ has no paid content within the game at all.
• ‘Escape The Block 2’ includes full-screen ads.
• ‘Escape The Block 2’ has a reward-type coin refill feature in the game.

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