Fire Guardian: Spirit Gates


A 2D defense game in which you play as the guardian of the spirit world. The guardian must stop evil spirits from passing thru to the human world. Seal the gates to prevent evil from winning. If you fail to protect the barrier then you lose.

– Tap, hold, or swipe the touchscreen to initiate various magical attacks
– Interactive dialogue with the evil spirit bosses
– Upgrade your magic attacks by leveling up
– Collect powerful items such as a Katana to slice up your foes
– Fight waves of enemies and engage in difficult boss battles

– Green potion will restore your Mana so you may continue to use magic
– Red potion will restore the Barrier to stop the enemies from breaking thru the gates

– Fire is your primary skill to set your enemies ablaze
– Earth will send your enemies flying and upgrades will increase your weapon strength
– Wind engulfs the area with a devastating blow
– Thunder strikes down your toughest opponentsDownload Fire Guardian: Spirit Gates for free
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