A turn-based roguelike where you explore dark rooms and defeat enemies using your magic lamp’s abilities. Explore each level one room at a time searching for enemies hidden in the darkness. Choose your path through the depths encountering unique enemies in varied environments. Find artifacts that will help you and defeat bosses to steal their powers to upgrade your lamp. Make difficult decisions as you face progressively tougher and numerous enemies. Can you make it to the end?


– Strategic turn-based roguelike gameplay
– Fully unlocked, no ads, no IAPs, no internet required
– A branching dungeon offers a different experience each playthrough
– Rooms randomly pulled from a pool of over 80 hand-crafted layouts
– Varied enemy types and 6 unique bosses
– Over 30 items and upgrades to mix and match for varied gamplay each session
– Locally stored detailed high-score table to track your best runs
– Awesome music

Lamplight is an elaboration of a game of the same name built in 48 hours for the Ludum Dare 39 game jam. I’m pretty proud of how far it has come since then, and I have enjoyed pushing the limits of the basic premise. Feel free to check out the original game jam entry on the Ludum Dare website (links are available there for free downloads on various platforms, plus a free web version): Lamplight for free
Free download Lamplight :