Love Piano: Magic Music Tiles 2018


Love Piano: Magic Music Tiles 2018 is one of free games for girls and boys, suitable for kids, granny or grandpa. Plus, it is one of the best choices for you if you love multiplayer games because it provides both online PVP and offline games.

Love Piano provides songs pop and classic. You can play hundreds of classic and beautiful songs and start your music episode with great pianists. Even after a short trial of Love Piano, you will soon forget the trivia things in life and marvel at the beauty of music. Love Piano, can be one of your best friends to help you stay relaxed and idle, and escape the monotonous loop of life. Hey, listen to the melody, boy and girl games ready now!

# Tips to offer up:
1. Love Piano is like piano simulation games. It slices the screen into black tiles and white tiles. Tap the black tiles, leave the white tiles. So, heads up when the white tiles come!
2. Play the daily piano challenge and online PVP to get more coins, and unlock more pop songs!
3. Playing piano is a creative process, adjust your tempo to express your feelings.

# Features:
1. Easy to play, hard to excel. This makes Love Piano stand out from thousands of puzzle games.
2. Endless Mode. Everyone wants to play cool games. Love Piano is a cool showoff when you play the endless mode and your fingers start dancing on the screen.
3. Both piano PVP and solitaire mode provided. You can play with a match and see who performs better.
4. Great simplification. The piano notes and scores are arranged into simpler tiles, you will find it easy to navigate your fingers among the flow of black and white tiles.
5. Superb graphics. Tiles will run down smoothly like a river flow, with no latency.

Our piano studio is working continuously to add new songs pop and classic to Love Piano: Magic Music Tiles 2018. Please keep an eye on Love Piano and don’t forget to update it. ^_^Download Love Piano: Magic Music Tiles 2018 for free
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