PC Building Simulator : Build your Home PC


An awesome Pc is very hard to make or assemble. Many people spend a lot of money and still can’t assemble a perfect pc with great variety. You need to be a great architect where you must apply the skills of time management to build your own PC.

In this awesome new game, you are the architect and will assemble a Home PC for yourself. Build your own pc teaches you to build an empire and how you can repair different pcs. With real-world components to assemble and comprehensive hardware and software installation you can be the Best Pc Architect and learn a lot from this game.

Time management is the key in this game , as you will have a lot of customers and everyone would want their pc quickly. Show your customers greater variety in pc building components and software installation.

Features :

– Be the architect of your own PC
– Build a PC empire with assembling your customers PCs
– Real-world components and software installation
– Time manage to increase your customers
– Show your customers the great variety of components you have
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