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Rail Road Madness is the new and extreme 4×4 adventure. It pits your wits and skills against steep hill climbs and off-road obstacles. Leave nothing but tyres on the rail road as you overcome harsh terrain with raw power and race across North America to cross the finish line.

All New Obstacles

The abandoned rail lines and tunnels are the fastest way across America, but you’ll have to overcome many obstacles. Temporary bridges and platforms make the decrepit railroad passable, but it old, and the flimsy, rotten wood, collapses under the weight of your vehicle. Watch out for planted explosives. They are triggered by motion when you drive past them.

Don’t fear speed. Hesitate, and you’ll end up stuck in a gap because you didn’t make the jump. Rail Road Madness is all about getting those tyres off the ground. Just make sure you don’t flip your car, or it is all over. It’s going to take guts to climb some of the extreme hills and race to the finish line.

Don’t Run Out of Fuel

Conserve your most precious commodity, fuel, with clever use of the accelerator. You can refuel between levels at the stations and upgrade your tank for long distance driving. To end the level you need to brains and power.


Strap a tank of nitrous oxide to your ride and hold on. Turn your vehicle into a jet of blue fire and drive head first into the madness. Race on-road and off-road to win game currency and buy boosters. Kick it into the next gear and save some boost in the tank to rocket over some of the longer jumps.

Linear Level Progress

Drive through tunnels and past green fields. The changing levels tell a story that piece together Rail Road Madness’ world. Will cities lie in ruins, or does a flooded East Coast wait for you at the end of your journey. The only way to find out is to drive. Whichever path you chose the Rail Road Madness is never far ahead.

Vehicles to Choose From

In the stations at the beginning and end of each level you tinker and purchase vehicles. These are monsters of the dirt and road, and they are ready to race. Unlock new cars as you progress through the levels to go even faster and push the limits.

Newest Vehicles

• SAM’S M38
• USSR 3308

Customize your Ride

You need to tune the last few drops of power out of your vehicle if you want to experience true speed. Tune up the handling to reigns on the monster you build and forge that sacred bond with your car of sweat and motor oil in the tunning shop.


• Engine
• Gearbox
• Handling
• Tires

In Game Currency

When the madness unravels a driver does what it takes to survive. Make money by destroying and crashing into stuff. Explode structures as you barrel through them in a cloud of smoke. This isn’t an ecofriendly game. Rail Road Madness is about that animalist part of us that just wants to watch it burn, and hell if we get paid, why not?

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Railroad Madness