➡There appeared a virus which kills people. In consequence of which almost all the people started to rebel,to Rob,to kill. The world is not what it used to be. There were private companies who want to make a cure for the virus,the people conducting inhuman experiments. And sell them for huge money. One of the people over which experiments were conducted and became our protagonist. But in this world there’s still hope for a better future, there was resistance, they proudly call themselves “SMERSH”. “SMERSH” – people who are tired of perpetual experimentation,torture of a company and fight with them together with the military.
P. s the story of the game takes place on the territory of the Russian Federation, you play as a Russian soldier.
➡Each update, we will add a new mission. The same will soon be added the possibility to pass the game with friends. The same will be added HD textures.
❌❌❌If you have problems/questions, do not rush to do the refund, our tech support will solve your problem.
❌❌❌When contacting technical support be sure to throw a screenshot of the payment receipt of the game.

P. s the Files you can throw the Administrator will work only for you.

With any questions please contact support
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A list of locations⬇
✅Destroyed city
✅The exit of the sewers
✅The military
✅The city (the War on the street)
✅The City (Roof)
⬇What is special about the game
✅Exciting Plot (Action ✅take place in Russia)
✅Atmospheric graphics
✅Transport with realistic physics
✅Deformation of the transport
✅Atmospheric sounds
✅Many varieties of weapons
✅Artificial intelligence (During the creation were used the latest technologies)
✅Beautiful game world
✅Optimization for all mobile processors
✅The system LOD for optimizations
✅The Occlusion Culling System
✅UI interface which is routed under your screen
Download SMERSH for free
Free download SMERSH :