Tetris 3D


Do you like to play classic tetris? Have you tried to play tetris in space?
Try to add falling figures in 3D space – check your imagination!

There are two game modes: 2D and 3D.

In 2D mode, as in the classic Tetris, you need to completely fill the line with the falling figures. When the line is filled completely (without spaces) – the line disappears. The field with falling figures is constantly moving.

3D mode – Tetris figures do not fall only in the plane, but in 3D space. In 3D mode, you can control not only the falling figures, but also the camera. To control the camera, use the blue arrows at the edges of the screen. Task: fill the lines with falling figures. For each complete line – points.
Depending on the points scored – new levels.Download Tetris 3D for free
Free download Tetris 3D :