Train Drive 2018 – Free Train Simulator


Train Drive 2018 – Free Train Simulator is the latest FREE and realistic 3D simulator is here! Be the rail driver and drive through the realistic 3D locations. go through the tunnels, control your trains using simple controls. Dynamic track-changing and sophisticated path selection systems enable all the trains to function smartly without stepping on each others’ paths. This simulation experience just got better with the new map navigation system where you can see the oncoming obstacles beforehand.

You will be entirely dependent on the signals and track changers. Be alert and fast to choose the right path for your vehicle. Easy to play 3D simulation game with tough levels and multiple trains upgrades. Get ready for the smoothest controls, unparalleled graphics, creative level design and the most realistic driving experience. Play now!

Trains Driver Pro Simulator Features:
* Multiple Rail Upgrades
* Pick up & drop the passengers
* Intuitive controls
* Different camera angles
* Free High end Simulation Game play
* Real indian city scenes & locations
* Challenging time limit
* Accelerate & halt at station

How To Play :
– Accelerate upward to move forward & downwards to slow down
– Press halt to stop
– Swipe left and right to take turnsDownload Train Drive 2018 – Free Train Simulator for free
Free download Train Drive 2018 – Free Train Simulator :